The following are links to websites that I have designed. These range from personal interest sites that I host myself such as the Joel's site, to retail sites such as the River City Tattoo Company, to corporate sites such as the Tire Recyclers, Inc. site. Please note that some of these sites are not under my direct control but are the property of their owners and therefore may now include broken links, etc.

Tire Recyclers, Inc. This is the corporate site for Tire Recyclers, Inc.  It normally includes the web version of the most recent newsletter, general information about the company, and a private password protected stockholder area where stockholders can receive privileged information. This site uses a lot of CSS and dynamic DHTML to present a high tech image.

Joel's Final Outpouring This was one of the first Christian "prophetic" sites on the Internet. Over the years it has evolved in many ways and now incorporates the "TICK" site as well as daily newsfeeds, world event cam links, discussion groups, various Bible studies and prophetic words from all over the globe.

Turbolava A site designed to feature the Turbolava line of floor scrubbers, including manuals and schematics. It was designed to present an image of "clean" and so is very simple; it is built around a circular "swoosh" theme that emulates the scrubbing action of the units.

Restaurant Services This site is the main corporate and sales site for a new company that is selling restaurant cleaning services and supplies. This site also uses a similar theme to the Turbolava site since it is in fact the same company, but the color scheme and graphics are different.  On the second level pages of the site the company logo is melded with the site graphics and creates a sense of unity throughout the site.