The photographs currently featured were taken on my digital camera in January, 2002 at Maymont Park in Richmond, VA.  Each photo has been electronically manipulated with a variety of programs to achieve a specific artistic effect.

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This was a simple picture of a gazebo and a large tree with the winter landscape in the background. I softened it with a canvas texture, giving it an ethereal quality that was lacking in the original photograph.
This tree stands at the end of a seldom used pathway in the park.  Apparently at some time in the past a valiant effort was made to save it from a large hole that had developed in one side.  That effort consisted of filling it up with concrete.  The application of a mirror image effect yielded startling results.
On a cloudy winter day, the arbor in the Italian Garden can be a dark and shadowy place. The application of a brightening effect in stages to the interior created the illusion of a gateway to light rather than a dark tunnel.
Selective warping distortions allow this tree to liquidly shiver all by itself. 
i was trying here to create an effect that was reminiscent in mood to some of the gothic paintings that I had seen, since the photos were taken on a cloudy dark winter day and lent themselves to that. Therefore, a blue sepia applied to the picture creates the mood while the unretouched vases and single red rose create a counterpoint.
The application of a concentric reflection creates an endless pathway stretching into infinity. This would have been better with a person superimposed on it holding the "mirror" I think.
This fountain is drained and cleaned each winter, and the textures of the worn concrete lend themselves to an interesting and somewhat disturbing effect when a "wax" filter is applied. The lack of a real focus point in this photograph intensifies the unsettling feel of the effect.