Cliff Hursey is one of the principles of PhoenixRegen, LLC, a company which markets equipment for pyrolytic recycling internationally, specializing in turnkey solutions for single or multiple plants and markets. PhoenixRegen focuses most of its efforts in the tire recycling arena.

Cliff is also the owner of "Wow - Great Stuff!", an Internet storefront. A clear dedication to quality customer care is one of the factors that has led to the store's 100% positive feedback rating on the eBay service, as well as a designation as a "Certified Trading Assistant" for electronic marketing.

Cliff Hursey was formerly the Director of Information Services and Controller for Tire Recyclers, Inc. in Richmond, VA.  He also led the human resources department, produced all of the companyís marketing materials, and was webmaster of the corporate website. His foresight positioned the company in the early days of the public internet in 1993 as a leader in the industry by establishing the first website for any tire recycling company in the world.

Previously, Cliff was the President of Integrity Computer Consulting in Ocala, FL. He founded the firm in response to the need for a computer consultant in that market that was concerned with the customerís needs and not exclusively with selling hardware and software. His firm operated in both the personal and corporate arena, and was featured on local television news reports as one of the first firms to discover the Michelangelo computer virus in 1990. During this period Cliff also served as president of the local Marion County BBS User Group, McBug, and was active in the early stages of the premier computer BBS networks such as Fidonet, which were precursors of today's Internet. During this period Cliff also managed a sales force at a local retail computer dealer, taught organized classes on computer proficiency for that dealer, and designed several software packages.

During the mid 1980ís, Cliff distinguished himself in the travel industry for his ability to harness the power of their new computer systems, leading a team as a Key Coordinator for the American Airlines SABRE reservations system, an expert on the Eastern Airlines SystemOne system, and part of an interagency task force for evaluation of the Delta Airlines Datas II system. He also functioned as a retail travel coordinator with a sales record that frequently exceeded the rest of his locationís sales force combined.

In the early 1980ís, Cliff was Vice President of a multiline insurance agency, spent a short period in radio advertising sales, and then was head of the audit department for a chain of hotel properties in South Carolina. He has also been a musician, having entertained professionally as both a solo act and part of various groups in the southern United States, and was Assistant Press Secretary for Congressman John Jenrette in Washington, DC in the midst of the turbulent Abscam investigations in 1980.

Along with his active career, Cliff has also been involved in the cyber ministry field since before the inception of the current internet. He has led a ministry team on one of the oldest Christian internet relay chat (IRC) channels for several years, was a leader in hosting the first cyber communion service live on the Internet, and is a respected and frequent contributor to various Christian mailing lists and E-zines.  He also serves as owner and moderator of several of the oldest and most popular Christian email discussion groups.

Cliff Hursey graduated from Furman University in 1981 with two BA degrees, a BA in Business and a BA in Sociology. He continues to have an abiding fascination with how people function in business and how to best meld technology and human beings in a business and a lifestyle setting.